Color is an important aspect to consider when you are designing the interior of your office, with the help of a design firm like WDI Group interior design. As colors can stimulate your hormones and affect your mood, you want to be careful which colors you choose. Here are two bad and two good color options for your office color scheme, and how they can affect your mood.


Using the color yellow in abundance around your office environment can do more harm than good to you. Instead of bringing sunshine and cheer into an office environment, the color yellow can make you feel frustrated and angry

The color yellow can reflect a high level of light, causing eye strain and fatigue, which you don't want at work. Avoid using yellow for anything in your office other than notepads and highlighter markers.


Brown is another color you do not want to feature into your office's new color scheme. 

Although brown can represent the color of the soil and earth, the act of being down to earth, and reliable, it can also make you feel alone and sad. These are two feelings you do not want to deal with while you are trying to be productive at work.


The color green represents good luck and money, so it is a good choice to use in an office environment where you want to be successful and make money. Green is also a relaxing color, which can help you calm down and relieve stress. And, it is a restful color on your eyes. 

Green decor can create a positive environment at work so you can combat the work-stress that may come with your job. Even if you don't paint all the walls of your office green or install green cubicle walls around your desk, you can work some green plants or other green decor into your work space.


It is no surprise that the majority of swimming pools are blue. A blue pool creates a calming, tranquil environment where you can relax and let your mind drift. Using blue in your office can help you by bringing you a sense of calmness and peace. Peace can help you in your work if you have to deal with difficult tasks or customers. The color blue can also help promote a feeling of order to help you keep your work and desk organized.

When you paint your office walls blue, it can help lower your pulse rate and body temperature. This can be especially helpful if you work in a high-stress and high-pressure work environment. Working in a blue office has been shown to help you feel the most centered and hopeful about your work.

These four colors in your office can have different positive and negative effects on your mood.