If you're going through the process of having your home built from the ground up, you're probably going over all the material aspects with your builder. While, you are likely to want the most luxurious materials you can afford, it's important to consider the technology you want in your home as well. Home automation is quickly becoming something that many people desire but don't think about when their home is in the building phase. There are many benefits to home automation, and this guide explains three of them:

Benefit #1: Ability to Control Your Home While Your Away

Ask the contractors to hire people to install the necessary electrical equipment that allow you to control many aspects of your home while you're not there from your phone or tablet. Some of the electrical needs that you should request installation of equipment for include:

  • turning the lights on and off
  • turning the thermostat up or down
  • turning the sprinkler system on or off
  • turning the alarm on or off
  • locking and unlocking doors

Benefit #2: Ability to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Some aspects of home automation allow you to life a healthier lifestyle because things that you do every day can be automated. For example, ask your contractor to install motion sensor light switches. Normal light switches see many fingerprints on a daily bases, and this translates to germs. With motion-sensor light switches, there is no need for anyone to touch the switches. Therefore, fewer germs are spread.

This same concept is applied to motion-sensor faucets. A faucet can harbor many germs just as light switches can. But if you only have to run your hand under the faucet to turn it on, you won't touch it at all. Set the faucet to run for several seconds before it automatically shuts off. You can wash your hands without turning off the water by touching the faucet.

Benefit #3: Ability to See Your Home While You're Away

Ask your contractor to have hardwired cameras installed in various places around the home. In doing so, you can see what is happening in these areas. For example, you can check to see who is at the front door, in the backyard or even in the kitchen, whether you are in your bedroom, bathroom or on the other side of the world, from your phone.

While you can add these modern technological conveniences after your home is built, you can have the majority of them installed during the building phase, and save money because most of the electrical equipment can be hardwired in, while the contractors are setting up your electrical system. Ask your contractor for other home automation benefits and ideas while you're going through the home building process.