If you're finally having that custom home of yours built, you want to make sure that the contractors build a perfect, luxurious, custom bedroom closet as well. Here are a few things that are a must in the closet's design:

1. Plenty of Illumination.

When it comes to a classy closet, you have to make sure you have plenty of light. The last thing you want is to try on your new top to find that it doesn't look good because of the iridescent lighting—or no lighting! Natural light is always better, so consider installing some skylights. If the closet is an exterior room, make sure to add several windows for luxurious illumination. Opt for white (or at least a light color) paint on the walls and cabinets in order to help accentuate the brightness of the space.

2. Lots of Wide, Open Spaces.

Another essential element of a stylish closet is plenty of space. This includes rods, shelves, and racks. They're all necessary to properly display your treasures while adding a touch of sophistication to the closet. There is truly no one-and-done closet design, as everyone's needs are different. However, you may want to consider some individual cubbies for each pair of your shoes. Alternatively, a wide rack that has been installed at an angle with a clear lip in the front where you can place three to four pairs of shoes would do the trick as well. This makes it easier to store and organize your shoes in addition to it being a cool way to display your collection.

3. An Island.

Simple as that. Your luxury closet needs an island. It wouldn't be complete without one. It makes for a very elegant focal point, but that's not all. It can be functional as well. These islands are perfect for storage for some of your smaller items and accessories that could essentially get lost in the rest of the space. So your island needs to consist of drawers, baskets, buckets, and shelves for optimal storage and access.

4. Elegant Light Fixtures.

Although it was previously mentioned that plenty of light is vital to the successful feel of a luxury closet, you also want to make sure you have some elegant fixtures in the space that will induce gasps from your guests. In particular, there should be a single, eye-catching fixture directly above your island. This fixture can be a globe pendant, a chandelier, or something fabulous that will garner attention of anyone in the room. Don't forget to also consider adding lighting near the side walls and underneath shelving for extra illumination.

A sophisticated, luxurious closet can be within reach for everyone. With a little bit of design knowledge, a touch of elegance and a good general contractor, you can create a well-appointed closet for your custom home. Contact a representative from a company like Gallery Homes Ltd to get started with the plans.